Portfolio Creation & Monitoring

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Portfolio Creating & Monitoring

Understanding You – During our initial phase, we carefully assess your financial status, current investment holdings, stage in life, current tax situation, income and budget profile in normal and distressed scenarios, your risk tolerance, goals, time horizon to retirement and investment experience. We want to ensure that you have sufficient cash on hand to be able to manage any financial headwinds and meet your budget needs while maintaining growth in your assets to achieve your financial objectives. At the same time, we want to stay within the boundaries of your risk tolerance as your investment portfolio should also allow you to sleep well at night.
Creating an Investment Plan of Action – Once we have established a financial framework to help guide us in formulating an investment portfolio, we will propose a plan of action upon which to select investments in your portfolio. This plan will take into consideration your financial framework, as well as our areas of expertise. They key points are that you have the availability of cash to manage your finances, while continuing to grow your portfolio with peace of mind. Once you are satisfied with our proposal we will execute the investment selection process to create your portfolio.

Monitoring and Maintenance – After selecting your investment portfolio, our job has only just begun. We will continue to monitor the asset allocation, review existing positions, reassess your continuing needs and monitor for appropriate levels of diversification and any relevant rebalancing that may be required from time to time. As part of our obligation to maximize growth in the economic value of your portfolio, we will seek to ensure tax minimization strategies to limit your exposure to taxes. It is also our fiduciary duty to ensure that the custodians and broker/dealers we have chosen will work in your best interest. Hence, they will be subject to periodic reviews on your behalf. All of these factors will be reviewed on a periodic basis and reported to you in a manner that is understandable and meaningful. It is of utmost importance to us that it makes complete sense to you and that you know the status and trajectory of your financial condition.

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