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Our philosophy is to raise the bar in the investment selection process by shining the light on the dark corners of company financial filings. We do this using robo-analyst technology that can identify critical data points overlooked by most research analysts. Investors need not rely on headlines or management-manipulated earnings. Today, our investors benefit from a fuller, more comprehensive analysis of financial filings, company profits and valuation, which lead to better informed decisions. This level of insight enables our investors to go beyond the short-sighted, high turnover trading mentality that does more harm than good. At QMI Capital, we bring analytical rigor back to the advice business for your benefit.


We have embraced automation and data analytics to create a cost-efficient, rigorous investing process. At the same time, we strive for a higher level of personalization and diligence than passive investing can provide. At QMI Capital, we harness the power of machines and combine it with human creativity, always with you, our client, in mind.


The value proposition of our robo-analyst process is very unique in that it empowers us to provide the kind of long term, value-oriented advice that not only meets the fiduciary duty of care, but also creates peace of mind for you and for us.


While we take pride in our investment strategy and tools, the focus is always on you, to understand your goals and develop a plan to reach them. Together, we implement the recommendations and monitor your progress. From here, we will plan regular meetings with you to assess the progress toward your financial goals. We will continuously strive to understand your financial needs in order to provide you with the best financial advice for your particular situation.

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